Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival

Now you may or may not know that me and family are currently in the process of relocating from small town western New York to the large city: Syracuse New york. Which in case you've been wondering explains why my blog posts and other internet activities have currently been a bit on the erratic side. 
While waiting for keys to our new apartment - which should be handed over on the 5th of Aug... Yay! - We we're fortunate enough to be here in Syracuse while the AmeriCU Syracuse Arts & Crafts Festival was going on.

A part of downtown Syracuse's ArtsWeek, this spectacular 3-day showcase featured 160 of the country's most talented artists, craftspeople & entertainers in the historic Columbus Circle area of downtown Syracuse. 

The event was bustling with contemporary arts & crafts, ranging from functional to decorative, including these Newspaper vending machines painted up specially for the event. There were stalls dedicated to all sorts of paintings, wood-work, metal-work and glass-work, handmade jewelry and fabric arts. The aromas of delicious foods wafted towards us on the light breeze that kept the sun's constant heat bearable.  Musical talent was also on show with a wide variety of multicultural performances dotted around to add to the vibrant atmosphere.

Unfortunately very few of the artists here will allow pictures to be taken of their work, which is of course understandable, however I did get to speak with many of these artists and gather bunches of contact info in order to feature them here on upcoming posts.

As you can see my daughter - the budding amateur photographer that she is - did manage to get a few shots, of goings on to at the festival to at least give you a feel for what a fun day we had.  

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