Sunday, February 17, 2013

Oliver Tooley of GUBIC:

Champion of the Unsigned Band Scene

  Lace: What is the name of your group?    
GUBIC: Our group is called GUBIC and you can find us here.
Lace: How long have you been in the music business?
GUBIC: On and off seventeen years

Lace: What Genre is your music?    

GUBIC: All genres are considered

Lace: Describe your musical style and inspirations.    

GUBIC: OK, so Glenn McDougall [Lace's Note: Glenn is the founder of] told me to fill out this interview even though he knows it is aimed at bands. These days Gubic is more of a blog site, mainly about unsigned bands. It started out as an idea to try and get an unsigned band into the charts.

I figured that if there was a competition and everybody who participated promised to buy the winning single we could force it into the top forty and onto Radio 1 would have to play it. If it was a good song then others would buy it and it would get higher. The whole idea failed despite loads of interest. We even had a band on local TV and several mentions on BBC local radio.

Lace: Have you released an album? If so, provide some details.

GUBIC: In a sort of sense we did though it was never an album as such. The top ten songs from the competition would have made a superb album.
Destination, If I Ruled The World
Digital Earth, Charlatan Old Boy
Deferred Sucess, Make A Living
SjW, 4am
Bill Monaghan, So Close To God
Black Daniel, I Love You But Don't Touch Me Cos You're Sick (Radio Edit)
Anielka, Rain Is Me
Trail, City
Pablo Eskimo, Bunny Boiler
Limeshark, Not Quite Nashville

If you add in one or two that didn't make it into the top ten but deserved to such as:
Daylight Saving, Sunshine Is A State Of Mind,
Jann Klose, Doing Time
Scarlett's Wake, Smile I've Got Knives
Paint Box, Jar Of Nails

then you would have a superb 14 track album with as diverse a range of styles as you could hope for.

In many ways, although the GUBIC competition failed in its objective it did play a part in the birth of XRP radio and later spin off radio shows. It also got bands in touch with other bands, media, and venues, that may have helped them move their careers on a bit.

Lace: When the initial idea behind GUBIC failed what impact would you say it had on you?

GUBIC: The failure, initially, crushed me. I thought "what a total and utter waste of time" But then the messages of support came in from people like Glenn, and his colleagues at the time, who had launched a radio station and ridden a wave of enthusiasm from the competition.
From Musicians who had made contact with each other, and with new venues, and new media people.
From fans who had found new music they liked.
People pointed out that we had achieved local news coverage in numerous areas supporting their local bands, almost as much local radio coverage, AND one band got featured on Yorkshire TV.
Shortly after my assault on the charts failed there was an even more ambitious scheme called Storm The Charts, run by Wes White from Glastonbury (the town not the festival)
His scheme promoted about a hundred songs chosen from several hundred entrants and aimed to get all of them into the charts in a single week.
They said it would be considered a success if at least one song made it but they hoped many more would succeed.
Alas they also failed. I put my full baking behind the idea and supported it every step of the way. But it just was not to be.
Eventually I realised that it is not the way. Or at least not for little guys like me. I still support indie. music but now I realise that making the charts is not the objective.
Making a living is.
Make a Living, by the band Deferred Sucess, became our theme song and I guess it is all that anyone can hope for. To make enough money to keep making music and not have to get a "proper" job.

Lace: Where can we get your music?    

Oliver Tooley: Open mic night at The Chill Bar.
GUBIC: I would suggest checking out Federal Radio or XRP radio or any unsigned radio station of your choice. That is where you will hear some of the very best new music currently being produced. MUCH better than what is on mainstream radio these days.

Lace: Do you have any upcoming gigs? If so, where?    

GUBIC: Check out your local venue and just go along to support unsigned bands.
Buy the CDs or Tee shirts being sold by mates or girlfriends from a trestle table at the back of the room. If you don't support good new bands then you deserve to be forced to listen to Nicky Minaj.

Lace: What is your favorite song?    
GUBIC: I don't have a favourite song

Lace: In your own words, why should people check out your music? Provide any other info you think we should have here.

GUBIC: This is the first generation that can pick and chose between literally thousands of radio stations, and yet most of us still just turn on Heart, or Radio 1 [Lace's note: Popular UK radio stations, think mainstream top 40 type stations].

So you end up hearing the same old pap that is forced to you via a network of just three major record labels who can drop a radio station that doesn't play what they want them to play.

If you have ever seen the show We Will Rock You, then you may understand that unless you fight to hear good music both on the radio and at live music venues; unless you stop watching X-Factor, then soon that will be ALL there is.

Real music will be banned and you will ONLY be allowed to listen to the music of "GLOBAL-SOFT"

Please don't let that happen.

Lace: Great thoughts in support on indie music.  Thanks for being with us.

GUBIC: Thank you.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Adventures in Art

Manny The Mantella
Adventures in Art: A brief look into my experiences as I wrap my mind around the visual arts. 

Manny The Mantella (Frog) Gallery Wrap Canvas
Manny The Mantella (Frog) Gallery Wrap Canvas by Lace9lives

See Manny the Mantella Oil painting from start to finish on the Hand-Drawn Facebook page here

Another Old Poem...

My computer assures me this one was written back in 2006, which I can assure you, seems considerably more distant than usual when attempting to recall exactly what your own words meant to you. I therefore offer this one up with little explanation, hoping you can appreciate these words in your own way.

Cry Of The Empty Vessel

Cursed be this unsightly clarity.
Rising, formless, from what it is.
One with the void at my core.
A sickening abyss.

Such despicable, emptiness.
It clings to the insides,
rubbing them raw.
Has me longing for the tide.

To flood in, cure the futility.
Relieve this ever, lacking, purpose.
Heal the vast and aching sore,
Remove this horrid nothingness.

Oh see how I deplore.
Look upon this acquiescence.
Behold this: My thirst for more.
Pour in now. Take up residence.

Come forth. Please! Fill me up.
Lest my being, claim no worth.
From within, you do restore.
Filling from within my girth

Far more epic, to me, you are:
Than the greatest waterfall.
My slicked edges will be your shore
Rush in. Fill me! Give your all.

Out with my emptiness.
Bring forth your rapids.
Once more hear, how I implore.
Without you my existence is vapid.

And so I ask you. So I beg!
Look down on me, see my need
Fill me from your loving store
Let this empty vessel feed.

Consume this emptiness within.
Make it finished. Wash it out.
Only then is my purpose secure,
So fill me up and end this drought.

Thanks for reading...:)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Featured Musician Interview: The Whiskey Boys

Lace9: I'm interviewing David Delaney and Mark Kilianski of The Whiskey Boys, an Irish/Bluegrass/Rock/Jazz group. Welcome.

David: Thanks

Lace9: How long have you been in the music business?

David: Mark and I have been making our living at music for 2 years now. The band was jamming and performing another 2 years before that, however!

Lace9: What Genre is your music?

Mark: We play Folk music with a modern twist

Lace9: Describe your musical style and inspirations.

David Delaney
David: The Whiskey Boys are a Fiddle, a Guitar, and two voices, primarily. I play some banjo now, and if it's got frets Mark can play a solo on it that will change your life! But the original two instruments are still our core sound. We love traditional music (Irish, Old Time, Bluegrass, you name it) and folk songs, anything that sounds old or timeless. At the same time we also enjoy music written a little more recently; jazz, rock, I have a real fondness for cheesy pop like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and 90's Boy bands... The pull of both of these two fairly contradictory batches of music is at the heart of what we play. Our old covers have arrangements, chord choices and syncopations that would have dreadfully confused the ears of people living in the time the music was written and, likewise, when we write a song or play a modern cover our final product almost always sounds like it was written a long time ago.

Lace9: Have you released an album? If so, provide some details.

Mark Kiliansky

Mark: The Whiskey Boys have one published album, Mary Come to Boston available on Amazon and iTunes, and one secret album. We're in the middle of recording our second non-secret album, "Crescent Moon." Metronome Magazine in Boston recently reviewed "Mary Come to Boston." Here's what they had to say!

"Whiskey Boys David Delaney and Mark Killianski bring the spirit of Celtic folk music to the forefront on their debut CD, Mary Come To Boston. Delaney is a fine fiddler in the Irish tradition as Killianski adds percussive and rhythmic accompaniment with his acoustic guitar to this fine collection of nine originals and two covers. The duo displays their considerable musical prowess and understanding of the Celtic idiom on the songs "Madeline The Quaker," "Carolina Blue" (written by Margaret Mackay & Jeff Butcher), and "The Sad Reel." Next time your in the city on a beautiful summer day and you hear the sounds of a fiddle and guitar piercing the air, go and check it out. Chances are, it will be The Whiskey Boys pouring listeners a finely concocted elixir of Celtic lore. Good stuff! [D.S.]"

Lace9: Where can we get your music?

David: You can find it on CD Baby, or in the iTunes music store. Or, even better, at one of our shows!

Lace9: Do you have any upcoming gigs? If so, where?

David: Checking our website frequently is the best way to keep updated about upcoming shows or you can "like" us on Whiskey Boys on Facebook as we frequently post about them!

Lace9: Which of your songs is your favorite?

Mark: One of our favorites is "Block Island" a tune written by Dave. Check it out under Free Music on our website!

Lace9: That's a great point, you guys have something like 30 free podcasts of your music on your site for people to listen to, I think that's great.

Lace9: In your own words, why should people check out your music?

David: If you like Folk music, Irish Music, Bluegrass Music, Old Time Music or really anything acoustically oriented, I'm very confident you'd be into our music. So if that's the case check it out!

Lace9: Thanks to The Whiskey Boys for doing this interview.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Featured Artist Interview: Dela Cruz

A New Way

Lace9: So first things first... Where do you hail from and where are you located now?

Dela Cruz: I was born in Baja, Mexico. Lived there for 10 years, then moved to Puerto Rico for 11 years, then Florida for 10 years, and in July of 2011, I moved to San Francisco.

Lace9: Did you study art academically, if so where? If not how long would you say art has been a serious passion for you? Tell us a little about your early days as an artist.

Dela Cruz: I taught myself how to paint. I have been "professionally" painting for 2 and a half years. I've been drawing since I was little, usually with pencil and pens. I made my first painting at age 16 with my mom's ceramic paints. She thought it was a good painting.

The Choice

Lace9: What medium (graphic design on computer/paint/pencil, etc...) do you work in?

Dela Cruz: Lately I've been only painting with acrylics, but I'm feeling the itch to go back to oil.

Lace9: For those seeing your work for the first time, how would you introduce your art? What genre does it generally fall into? Are there any overarching themes that you would say are prevalent?

Dela Cruz: Vibrant. Bold. Beautiful.
I guess it falls in the surreal genre, or Pop Art. I'm not sure.
Overarching themes in the paintings are of our connection with the world, nature, the cosmos, and the human condition.

Lace9: What artist or art are you most inspired by? Where else do you get your ideas from?

Dela Cruz: Dali, Alex Grey, Mucha, Scott Scheidly, too many.
I love art that's well made, that you can feel the artist devoted his life to perfect his craft. That is the path I'm following. Most ideas come from recent worldwide events. The problems and issues we are facing to save this planet. Most of the recent pieces have a lot of wildlife in them, as well as galaxies and destruction. Also, sleepless nights can make you very creative too.

Lace9: What single piece of art equipment can you not do without? (pen, pencil, charcoal, etc), and why?

Dela Cruz: My 7050 Script brush. It does a lot! line work, detail, signatures, I love it.
Earth Perspective 2

Lace9: Where can people find/buy your art?

Dela Cruz: You can view my work at DelaCanvas or on Facebook. Message me if interested in any piece that is available. Most prices are listed.

Almost There
Lace9: Which of your works is your personal favorite? And why? What can you tell us about it?

Dela Cruz: One of my favorites is the piece "Almost There". It was completely drawn and painted from imagination, except for the manekin that I used. I just love how it came out, I love the dimension in it, I love the message of us painting a picture within a picture. And the title is right on.

Lace9: If you had to pick out one thing - What difficulty have you overcome as an artist & what would you say to other artists going through similar?

Dela Cruz: Being able to support myself with art. It took me a while, but I'm learning so much and progressing in skill because I have not stopped painting for the past 2 years.
The advice I would give to other artists would be to paint or do whatever you LOVE everyday. To recognize you and I will make a ton of mistakes. But embrace the mistakes and accidents. And to teach yourself to love the craft that is ART. Be relentless.

Lace9: Is there anything else you would like people to know about you?

Dela Cruz: I'll go into detail about where some of the ideas come from. At times when I can't sleep and I'm laying down in bed, i'll get visuals when I close my eyes. The visuals are perfect too, like master abstract works. I try to tap into that lake of creativity every night.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Featured Musician Interview: Urban Exploration

Lace9: Tell us about Urban Exploration?

Urban Exploration: We're are a group of electronic musicians, DJ’s, multi-media artists and performers from Leeds, that come together to create music, visual art, put on parties and showcase events and explore and experiment with technology. We combine modular synthesis, analogue hardware, field recordings and live performance to bring you original, off-kilter, improvised electronica that seamlessly evolves between ambient atmospheres and banging, dancefloor stompers!

Lace9: How long have you been in the music business?

Urban Exploration: It varies among us; 15 years approx.

Lace9: What Genre is your music?

Urban Exploration: Urbex / Electronica

Lace9: Describe your musical style and inspirations.

Urban Exploration: We have no one style and will try to maintain this for as long as we can. The live element of Urban Exploration focuses heavily on improvisation, so we never know exactly where the music will end up. Inspiration comes from the act of Urban Exploring (Urbexing) and the photography that follows suit, taking field recordings from various locations and many past musicians/bands who use hardware synths and sequencers. We bring together the analogue and digital worlds, with a plethora of equipment all synced up together and specifically constructed visuals to accompany the music.

Lace9: Have you released an album?

Urban Exploration: We are currently working on our debut release. Please add us on Facebook to keep up to date with details.

Lace9: Where can we get your music?

Urban Exploration: You can stream our tracks on Sound Cloud or Reverb Nation

Lace9: Do you have any upcoming gigs? If so, where?

Urban Exploration: We are currently looking for bookings. If you wish Urban Exploration to play at your event, please email us at Urban Exploration

This is a clip from the Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival, where we curated a whole day and night of electronic music, September 2011:

Lace9: Which of your songs is your favorite?

Urban Exploration: We like different tracks for different reasons.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Zazzle Featured Artist Interview

This week we're interviewing Zazzle Artist Tina:

Lace9: Tell us about your Zazzle Store:

Tina: Collie Love is a store for anyone who likes Collies, kittens, puppies with a sense of humor, floral images, landscapes, and wildlife.

Lace9: How long have you been Zazzling?

Tina: 4 years

Lace9: What do you like most about Zazzle?

Tina: It's a great way to share the beauty of Nature around us. I think the site is very easy to use and I have fun designing products. I get excited when I realize others enjoy my photography as well. I love reading my email "your Zazzle Product(s) has been purchased." It's a good feeling.

Lace9: What medium (graphic design on computer/paint/pencil, etc...) do you work in?

Tina: Mostly photography.

Lace9: What genre does your work mostly fall into?

Tina: Nature, animals and wildlife.

Lace9: What artist or art are you inspired by?

Tina: I'm only an amateur Photographer.. But I love checking out what the greats are doing, like the Zazzle seller TomPurse.. and wishing I was that good. :-)

Lace9: Where do you get your ideas from?

Tina: I just watch what's going on in my back yard. I have noticed I see thing differently now than I used to. I definitely do not leave home without my camera. I may be inspired anywhere. The Beauty is all around us.

Lace9: Is there a product in your store that you liked so much you’ve bought it yourself?

Tina: Yep. I loved this shot.

Lace9: Do you have a favourite Zazzle store that’s not yours?

Tina: As I mentioned above... Tom Purse is a favorite of mine.. I could look at the world through his eyes all day. You can find him here: Northwest Scenescapes Photography

Lace9: Do you have your art on other sites?

Tina: I have a blog but I don't get many views so I tend not to keep it updated as I should. Amazing iPhone and iPad Cases

Enter for a Chance to Win a Sheet of Hand Drawn Stickers and other great prizes!

Bri over at Bri's Bargain Blog is holding a "25 Days of Christmas" giveaway contest. Hand Drawn has donated a sheet of Full Colour Claddagh stickers. They're the large, 3" ones, so the details of the design come through great!

The Claddagh (Full Colour) sticker
There are also 29 other great prizes up for grabs, and entering couldn't be easier.
Here's the details on how...
Go to Bri's 25 Days of Christmas Giveaway

You'll find 29 one-time chances for entering, and they're super simple. Just like one of the Facebook pages of the sponsors, or follow them on Twitter. You can enter up to 29 times by completing one of the 29 different actions.

There are also three daily entry options that you can use every day. The more you enter, the more likely you are to win. There are 22 days left to enter.

Thanks to Bri for the opportunity to help sponsor this great contest. You can find her at Bri's Bargain Blog on Facebook as well.

Have a great holiday season and good luck with the giveaway!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Zazzle print from Hand-Drawn: Three Little Kittens Logo
Check it out!

Three Little Kittens Inspired by the classic nursery rhyme: Three Little Kittens This pencil sketch has been digitally coloured to give it a beautiful vintage look. Making it a great gift for children and adults alike.
Three Little Kittens
Three Little Kittens by Lace9lives
Find more at Zazzle.
Order This
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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Tiles and Gift Boxes! What will you make of them?

This top five is all about Zazzle's newly launched products – Ceramic Tiles and Two Types of Gift Boxes!

Like many zazzle artists I've been having great fun adding my work to these.
While vibrantly displaying photos or artwork, the 3.75 ounce ceramic tiles are great for use as trivets. Stand hot dinner, pots, or pans on them; saving table tops and other surfaces from heat damage. Alternatively you can select a frame in either cherry or pecan, and just like that: the tile of your choice becomes a beautiful decorative piece for hanging in the home.
Perhaps my favourite feature of these particular new Zazzle products is that you can have them added to a beautiful 100% wooden box of either: Golden Oak, Ebony Black, Emerald Green, or Red Mahogany - that’s perfect for storing keepsakes, jewelry and other trinkets. Both box styles come in two sizes & the Premium Jewelry Boxes even come with a magnetized lid!
As you would expect there are already thousands available for sale in the Zazzle marketplace and with Christmas on the way, and the abundance of customization features on offer, they're the perfect "personal touch" for upcoming holiday gifting.

As this was essentially a launch of three products at once I've decided showing only one type would not do them justice. So for this particular Top 5 I've chosen both 5 Tiles & 5 Gift Boxes, from some of the great artist working hard to create stunning original art on Zazzle.

First up - My Top 5 Zazzle tiles on the Market so far:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Featured Musician Interview

What is the name of your group?

Keyona Renee Ham

Your Website URL:!/keyonareneeham

How long have you been in the music business?

I've been officially in the music business for 2 years now.

What Genre is your music?

I'll probably be labeled as R&B/Soul but I'd preferred to be known as a great singer able to deliver great music across genres.

Describe your musical style and inspirations.

I love all kinds of music. My first love is R&B/Soul, but I love good Funk with a strong bass line and groove. I love when a lead guitar can come in and kill it and make you think the vocals were just the accompaniment. I do sing Gospel, Jazz and some Pop but I don't like my music to have a watered down feel. I think Gospel should hit hard like Hip Hop, Jazz should have strong instrumentation and Pop should have great lyrics and metaphors. As a trained dancer, I enjoy the intensity of a good Opera, the fun of Bollywood and I absolutely LOVE salsa too so I'm working on a Salsa song and I really hope it is well received.

Have you released an album? If so, provide some details.

I have released one single, "Lost and Found" written by Monty Wells who is now with Def Jam/Island Records.

Monty and I were at a meeting with The Collective, a group of singers that work together to promote each other's music and business ventures and Monty played the chorus for me on his acoustic guitar and I cried. I cried because it spoke to that part of life when you're standing there wondering, "What am I gonna do now? Let life just happen around me or make a move." And having took so long to really declare myself a performing and recording artist, the song just really hit me at my heart. It also reminded me of my friends that feel like their lives have been derailed and need the arrow to just tell them where to go.

Singing at the Capital Hill Premium Tobacco and Cigar Bar
— with Capitol Hill Premium Cigars.
I decided not to release an entire CD but instead release the singles one by one, as people don't buy entire CD's anymore unless its an established artist. Besides, that's the way we hear them on the radio even after a CD is released if you don't buy it on the release date; every month or few weeks, you hear a different single off the CD until you've been sucked in, right? I figure if I get you to like every single, you'll come to every show and not feel like you got jipped. It also requires me to make every song HOT instead of having a CD with a few good singles and then some fillers. I hate that!

Where can we get your music?

My first single is on iTunes,, Spotify, Napster, all the major digital music retailers. You can also check out some of my performances on my YouTube channel, username MissHam2001 or just search for Keyona Renee Ham. I love performing live; I think that is the true test of a good vocalist.

Do you have any upcoming gigs? If so, where?

I will be singing at the Pre-Reception for the Executive Leadership Council on Thursday, October 20th at the Gaylord National Hotel at the National Harbor in MD. The ceremony will also feature Diana Ross and Kool and the Gang. On November 18th, as a part of the closing ceremony for the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. 100 year anniversary, I will open for the Godfather of Go Go, Chuck Brown at Howard University in D.C. I am also working on finishing my CD project and raising money through kickstarter. The link is: The project will be up until November 1st. All donations receive a gift, either free download, copy of the CD with a specially designed T-shirt or at the highest level, copy of the CD, T-shirt and entry to one of my live shows after the CD is released.

Which of your songs is your favorite?

My favorite song hasn't been released yet; its a tie between the dance track and the rock and roll song, so hard to decide. But I do love "Lost and Found."

In your own words, why should people check out your music? Provide any other info you think we should have here.

I think music lovers will enjoy the choices I make in terms of releases. I will release a CD and it will be titled "Her Stories" as the songs will be the thread that runs through the life of every woman discovering how to love, live, be powerful, run her world and somehow not lose her mind. To hear a real voice instead of music that is loaded with autotune is what the music world needs. We need to stop accepting garbage.

I also have a slew of other things going on. I am a Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructor and love promoting a healthy life which is why I started my blog Pixie Dust Potent - One More Dress Size at The camera does not hide anything! And you can tell when a is gasping for air so I am determined to stay fit and healthy and try to be an example for those trying to life a healthy life and lose weight. It's title, Pixie Dust Potent from a label I was given by co-workers saying that I must have some kind of pixie dust that keeps people (especially men) intrigued by my presence. The first installments are about my journey to lose one more dress size. So far, I've gotten a good response especially from those that can relate to the struggle with weight and image. With my new body, I've discovered a love for modeling and styling so I am loving that! And, as if that wasn't enough, my wonderful make up artist, Evie Thompson and I will be launching a new Internet Radio show in the Fall called "Speak on That." We have begun taking responses to the topics on Facebook under Speak on That so anyone can join in on the discussions. They absolutely get heated. We'll be talking about everything and also feature indie artists and small businesses.

Keep up with Keyona on her facebook page or follow her on twitter @SweetMsHam

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Zazzle invitation from Lace9lives: Boneyard Mutt Halloween Invites Logo
Check it out!

As you can see Boneyard Mutt needs some feeding up, but don't worry he has a great appetite & will happily devour almost anything you put in front of him - as long as it's dripping with blood that is.
Boneyard Mutt Invites
Boneyard Mutt Invites by Lace9lives
Find more at Zazzle.
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