Friday, September 16, 2011

Time To Share Another Old Poem Of Mine.

Took awhile to dig this one out on my computer but as it is a personal favourite I'm hoping you'll agree it was worth it.
I'll not bother with an explanation as I think this piece pretty much speaks for itself both in title & content. Enjoy...


Sin is wicked. Sin is wrong.
Sin sees, when we, don’t feel strong.
Sin lives in us, Sin lives long.
Expert, of how to string along.
Sin corrupts us. Sin tells lies.
Deceives the foolish and the wise.
Sin abandons. Sins disgrace.
Some will sin to save good face.
Sin’s not picky. Sins not proud.
It hops about and yells out loud.
Sins so pretty, Sins well styled.
As awaited, has reviled.
Sin is selfish. Sin is spite.
So swiftly we forget what’s right
Sin has power. Sin has might.
Sin robs the seeing of their sight.
Sin is weakness, Sin is pain.
The best do sin without refrain.
Sin’s delicious. Sin tastes great.
Fattened sorrows on a plate.
Sin says nibble. Sin says taste.
Knowing you’ll lap up with haste.
Sins delight, for Sin is luscious.
To many, Sin is something precious.
Sin for seconds, Sin for hours.
While you’re chewing, it devours.
Sin is tempting, Sin is nice.
Brings to life, that ‘added spice’.
Sin is loyal, Sin is yours.
Those sins that helped; you be adored.
Sins prepared. Sins good to go.
Sit back and watch Sin steal the show.
Sin’s protection, Sin’s defence.
Sweetest distraction, when you’re tense.
Sin’s minute and Sin’s immense.
Many sins make lots of sense.
Sin: Our captor. Sin: Our friend.
With us till the bitter end.
Sins to thrill us. Sins to tease.
Sin proves, that we, succumb with ease.
Sin lying down. Sin on your knees.
Once in those woods, behind the trees.
Sin over here. Sin over there.
To say you don’t, you wouldn’t dare.
Sin’s for all. Sin’s to share.
Give to others… Bah… Who cares!
Sin is action. Sin is not.
Compassion that you haven’t got.
Sin is stupid. Sin is Daft.
Steps off, the straight and narrow path.
Sin’s within us. Or Sin’s without.
Truth is there can be no doubt.
Sin knows your name. Sin stays in touch.
Sin says it loves you very much.
Sin’s in me and Sins in you.
Sin’s a thing you know you do.

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