Saturday, October 8, 2011

Zazzle Featured Artist Interview


How long have you been Zazzling?    

Started end of February 2011

What do you like most about zazzle?    

That all I have to invest is my time and work - one can make products without soending the money for printing and having the basement full of t-shirts to sell; also, the variety of available products is great.

What medium (graphic design on computer/paint/pencil, etc...) do you work in?    

I draw with a paintbrush and Indian ink and process the drawings in the computer. Then I use some magic powder made from a genuine speedy gonzalez whisker to bring them to life (only in moonless nights)

What genre does your work mostly fall into?   

Cartoon art more or less

What artist or art are you inspired by?    

I am into telling stories with my drawings, so I am inspired by comics as well as film and (most of all) books.

Where do you get your ideas from?    

All those animals live in my mood. I just have to ask them.

Is there a product in your store that you liked so much you’ve bought it yourself?

I didn’t buy anything yet, but I am still quite new.

Below is a fine example of greendeer's artwork on this 2012 calendar cool animals calendar.

Do you have a favourite zazzle store that’s not yours?

so many..

Do you have your art on other sites? (Blog, Website, other POD site)

I have a blog with little stories connected to drawings I use on zazzle products:
and a website with my work as a graphic designer and illustrator:
Some photos I do are shown on ipernity:

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