Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Old Poem...

My computer assures me this one was written back in 2006, which I can assure you, seems considerably more distant than usual when attempting to recall exactly what your own words meant to you. I therefore offer this one up with little explanation, hoping you can appreciate these words in your own way.

Cry Of The Empty Vessel

Cursed be this unsightly clarity.
Rising, formless, from what it is.
One with the void at my core.
A sickening abyss.

Such despicable, emptiness.
It clings to the insides,
rubbing them raw.
Has me longing for the tide.

To flood in, cure the futility.
Relieve this ever, lacking, purpose.
Heal the vast and aching sore,
Remove this horrid nothingness.

Oh see how I deplore.
Look upon this acquiescence.
Behold this: My thirst for more.
Pour in now. Take up residence.

Come forth. Please! Fill me up.
Lest my being, claim no worth.
From within, you do restore.
Filling from within my girth

Far more epic, to me, you are:
Than the greatest waterfall.
My slicked edges will be your shore
Rush in. Fill me! Give your all.

Out with my emptiness.
Bring forth your rapids.
Once more hear, how I implore.
Without you my existence is vapid.

And so I ask you. So I beg!
Look down on me, see my need
Fill me from your loving store
Let this empty vessel feed.

Consume this emptiness within.
Make it finished. Wash it out.
Only then is my purpose secure,
So fill me up and end this drought.

Thanks for reading...:)

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