Tuesday, May 24, 2011

It's here: The world's first customizable speaker is now on Zazzle!

OrigAudio co-founder and Doodle creators Jason Lucash and Michael Szymczak survived ABC’s “Shark Tank” and walked away with a $150K investment. Now, they feel they are ready for Zazzle!

Now less than a week after launching this new product with over 34,000 designs already available to choose from, I reckon it fair to say the many talented artists who make up the zazzle community where certainly ready for the Doodle.
Obviously 34k plus doodle speakers would make for on stoopidly lengthy post, however I couldn't let this fantastic new product pass by without highlighting some of the awesome talent out there on zazzle so here are:  

My 5 Favourite Doodles!
(so far)

Wildhorses herd doodle
Wildhorses herd by Gatterwe
Shop for a different little speakers system from Zazzle.

Are you ready for the Doodle?

  • First ever customizable speaker
  • Universal compatibility
  • Ultra portable
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • USB power cord included
  • Print in unlimited colors

Just a few more Doodle speakers I love!
 For a better look at any of the artwork in this post click on the images.  

Deer and Frosty Hills doodleBright Colorful Fractal. Add Text! doodleTRex Dinosaur Doodle Speaker doodleStretching Cat Doodle Speaker doodleRocking Little Robots Doodle Speaker doodleparty zebras speaker design doodleEmperor Penguin Chick Speaker doodle

What are your thoughts on this newest zazzle product? Have you found a favourite design yet? Let me know on twitter & maybe you'll see it here in a future post.

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