Sunday, December 4, 2011

Zazzle Featured Artist Interview

This week we're interviewing Zazzle Artist Tina:

Lace9: Tell us about your Zazzle Store:

Tina: Collie Love is a store for anyone who likes Collies, kittens, puppies with a sense of humor, floral images, landscapes, and wildlife.

Lace9: How long have you been Zazzling?

Tina: 4 years

Lace9: What do you like most about Zazzle?

Tina: It's a great way to share the beauty of Nature around us. I think the site is very easy to use and I have fun designing products. I get excited when I realize others enjoy my photography as well. I love reading my email "your Zazzle Product(s) has been purchased." It's a good feeling.

Lace9: What medium (graphic design on computer/paint/pencil, etc...) do you work in?

Tina: Mostly photography.

Lace9: What genre does your work mostly fall into?

Tina: Nature, animals and wildlife.

Lace9: What artist or art are you inspired by?

Tina: I'm only an amateur Photographer.. But I love checking out what the greats are doing, like the Zazzle seller TomPurse.. and wishing I was that good. :-)

Lace9: Where do you get your ideas from?

Tina: I just watch what's going on in my back yard. I have noticed I see thing differently now than I used to. I definitely do not leave home without my camera. I may be inspired anywhere. The Beauty is all around us.

Lace9: Is there a product in your store that you liked so much you’ve bought it yourself?

Tina: Yep. I loved this shot.

Lace9: Do you have a favourite Zazzle store that’s not yours?

Tina: As I mentioned above... Tom Purse is a favorite of mine.. I could look at the world through his eyes all day. You can find him here: Northwest Scenescapes Photography

Lace9: Do you have your art on other sites?

Tina: I have a blog but I don't get many views so I tend not to keep it updated as I should. Amazing iPhone and iPad Cases

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