Sunday, December 11, 2011

Featured Musician Interview: Urban Exploration

Lace9: Tell us about Urban Exploration?

Urban Exploration: We're are a group of electronic musicians, DJ’s, multi-media artists and performers from Leeds, that come together to create music, visual art, put on parties and showcase events and explore and experiment with technology. We combine modular synthesis, analogue hardware, field recordings and live performance to bring you original, off-kilter, improvised electronica that seamlessly evolves between ambient atmospheres and banging, dancefloor stompers!

Lace9: How long have you been in the music business?

Urban Exploration: It varies among us; 15 years approx.

Lace9: What Genre is your music?

Urban Exploration: Urbex / Electronica

Lace9: Describe your musical style and inspirations.

Urban Exploration: We have no one style and will try to maintain this for as long as we can. The live element of Urban Exploration focuses heavily on improvisation, so we never know exactly where the music will end up. Inspiration comes from the act of Urban Exploring (Urbexing) and the photography that follows suit, taking field recordings from various locations and many past musicians/bands who use hardware synths and sequencers. We bring together the analogue and digital worlds, with a plethora of equipment all synced up together and specifically constructed visuals to accompany the music.

Lace9: Have you released an album?

Urban Exploration: We are currently working on our debut release. Please add us on Facebook to keep up to date with details.

Lace9: Where can we get your music?

Urban Exploration: You can stream our tracks on Sound Cloud or Reverb Nation

Lace9: Do you have any upcoming gigs? If so, where?

Urban Exploration: We are currently looking for bookings. If you wish Urban Exploration to play at your event, please email us at Urban Exploration

This is a clip from the Bridgnorth Music & Arts Festival, where we curated a whole day and night of electronic music, September 2011:

Lace9: Which of your songs is your favorite?

Urban Exploration: We like different tracks for different reasons.

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